Origin of Wanderlust Ivy: Why was this website created?

My love for the sciences was fostered at an early age. My family bought me a microscope set which included several slides and petri dishes with different specimens to observe under the microscope as well as a small telescope which I fell in love with. I had the opportunity to travel while I was young and see different cultures and lifestyles in different parts of the world.

One day while I was looking through pictures of England, France, and Italy online which had yet been unexplored by me, I thought to myself:
why not travel while I’m still young and take note of everything that I see with my own eyes? Why not meet other travel, fashion, and health  aficionados like myself?

Ever since that day, I have slowly accumulated small facts, tips, and advice on many things. From beauty, healthy lifestyles, and travel, I began taking pictures, videos, and jotting down everything that I’ve learned that promotes an overall sense of well being.

and so I created a YouTube page where I began posting all of my travel adventures, and I created this website where I can write about health and travel related posts. I also post about things I learn in class.

I’m absolutely happy that I have been able to have a good balance of my two main passions: Health and Travel.

Take care guys!

Ivy ~


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