Origin of Wanderlust Ivy: Why was this website created?

As many of you know, I have always loved learning about the body since a very young age. I remember my family bought me a science kit when I was in 4th grade which included a microscope and several slides containing different specimens that I could observe. I was also given a telescope for my birthday when I suddenly became obsessed with learning about the planets and the galaxy as a whole. I have always been a curious person, always eager to learn.

This resulted in always being actively involved in school and sports. I participated in different things including soccer, volleyball, tennis, and my favorite: cross country. I also was a part of a dance team and danced jazz, hip hop, and ballet for several years. I thoroughly enjoyed being active. When I was in 7th grade I began teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. I would work on pictures that I took myself on my small point and shoot camera as well as worked on pictures of my favorite gaming characters. I also began creating short videos which I really enjoyed doing.

Fast forward a few years, and here I am now! A student studying in the Healthcare field who enjoys traveling and working on pictures and videos on my free time. I fell in love learning about different cultures and different types of foods around the world. It has truly taught me so much that no classroom could ever teach me and has humbled me and allowed me to appreciate even the smallest things. I don’t take things for granted anymore.

One day while I was looking through pictures of England, France, and Italy online, I thought to myself:
why not travel while I’m still young and take note of everything that I see with my own eyes? Why not meet other travel, fashion, and health  aficionados like myself?

Ever since that day, I have slowly accumulated small facts, tips, and advice on many things. From beauty, healthy lifestyles, and travel, I began taking pictures, videos, and jotting down everything that I’ve learned that promotes an overall sense of well being.

and so I created a YouTube page where I began posting all of my travel adventures, and I created this website where I can write about health and travel related posts. I also post about things I learn in class.

I’m absolutely happy that I have been able to have a good balance of my two main passions: Health and Travel.

Take care guys!

Ivy ~


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