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How much water should YOU be drinking daily?


Although water has no calories or organic nutrients, it is vital for every human being. Water is an essential part of the metabolic processes in the human body. Without it, a person can become dehydrated which can lead to several health complications.

Good hydration can avoid several things such as headaches, cramps, and fatigue. It also helps hair grow longer, helps skin regain moisture, and will give your face a glowing appearance!

There is a simple way to figure out the minimum amount of water that you should be drinking per day.
Simply divide your weight by two and the equation will give you the minimum amount of ounces that you should be drinking per day. That’s it! It’s simple.

For example, if you weigh around 100 lbs, you should be drinking about 50 ounces of water per day. That is the equivalent of about 2 liters.However, for people who are very active such as people who go to the gym or who are involved in sports, more water should be taken to stay hydrated.

But Ivy, how do I know for sure if I’m being hydrated enough?”
When I was running with my cross country team and competing every weekend with other teams, one of the ways that I learned to check if I was hydrated enough was to check my pee. Seriously! We were required to check in with the physical therapists and our trainers for any sprains, strains, or soreness, and they would always emphasize that we hydrate ourselves properly. Right outside of the office there was a big urine color chart for everyone to see.
It looked like this:

Basically, if your pee looks like #1 (which is almost as clear as water), then you’re hydrated!

If your pee looks like apple juice like #4, then you’re a bit dehydrated and should be drinking more water.

Anything that resembles the last three numbers means that you are very dehydrated and may even have an infection. If your pee looks like #8, you most likely have a kidney infection!

Drinking water is very important in everyone’s lives. Instead of drinking sodas and drinks that are packed with sugar, drink water instead! Your body will thank you for it!

Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and live life fully 🙂

Good luck

Ivy ~




3 Beauty Tricks Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fatty acids which are considered to be a healthy dietary fat. Olive oil can help prevent many disease and illnesses including cardiovascular disease which is one of the leading cause of deaths in the United States. Not only can you incorporate olive oil into your diet, but you can also integrate it into your daily beauty regimen!

Here are three beauty tricks that are quick, easy, and inexpensive using extra virgin olive oil. (Make sure it’s extra virgin!)

1: Makeup Remover


Extra virgin olive oil can be used as a makeup remover. It’s soft enough to even be used as an eye makeup remover. It is noncomedogenic (meaning it will not clog pores), it moisturizes the skin and conditions the eyelashes. Simply pour some of the oil onto a cotton pad and wipe the makeup away.

2: Body/Lip Scrub

Woman in Spa

For the body scrub: Mix one part extra virgin olive oil and one part sugar. You can use this on your hands, feet, or body while in the shower. Be careful not to slip while in the shower! The sugar will scrub away any dead skin cells on your body and the olive oil will help moisturize and condition your skin. Be sure not to use SALT. Salt will be too rough and drying on your skin.

For your lips: Mix one part extra virgin olive oil, one part sugar, and one part honey. Again, the sugar will act as a natural scrub while the oil moisturizes. The honey is also a natural antiobiotic and has some healing properties which can help soothe any cuts on your skin.

3: Hair Mask


After shampooing your hair, apply some extra virgin olive oil on to your hair and leave it on for 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual. After a few weeks you will notice your hair regain some shine and strength and will have an overall healthy look.

Have fun with your inexpensive beauty product!

Ivy ~